Four Things You Must Check Your Vehicle For Before Springtime

We hear a lot about preparing our vehicles for the onslaught of winter. And it is correct to do this.

But we don’t hear quite so much about getting our car in shape for the springtime. However, this is every bit as important as having it ready for the ice and snow.

These are our technician’s five top tips for maintenance you need to do before the seasons change!


Over the winter time, your car battery is at full capacity. That is to say that it can be working as much as 60% harder in the cold, than it is at warmer times of year.

This extra work creates a strain on it and might be causing it to flag.

After a long hard and cold winter, give your battery some TLC and have it tested professionally, at a car store.

You can even do it yourself at home, if you have a battery tester.


When the winter has been lengthy and you have done a lot of miles over compacted snow, or ice or even just wet roads, your tires might be feeling the pinch.

Of course, you should do this regularly regardless of the time of year, but in the spring time we would advise giving a full inspection of the tires.

Check the tread carefully and look deeply for signs of any wear and tear.

Although you can undertake this kind of test anywhere, going to a tire shop is the best option for getting it right.

And the tire tread isn’t the only thing you need to watch out for. They also need to be properly balanced and rotated and then, of course, you need to ensure they are well inflated as well.


Take the opportunity to check the brakes thoroughly, before the spring gets underway.

It’s possible that all the cold and ice has made its mark on them and not in a good way!

Check the brake fluid – not enough might point to a leak or being worn down to dangerous levels.

Then, when you’re done, have a look at the lines and hoses and then ensure the brake pads are in order.


The suspension of your vehicle can sometimes be overlooked, but it shouldn’t be.

This is another area that can suffer badly after the winter months have taken their toll on your car.

Wet roads and driving over slippery surfaces can affect your car’s overall suspension, so check it properly before the spring gets here.